Civic Education Notes

Common Crimes, Dealing In Fake Drugs, Cultism And Drug Abuse

Dealing in fake drugs means when someone engages in buying and selling of fake drugs Such activity is a criminal act. The general public especially licensed chemicals shops, hospital, clinics  and other health care store need to be cautioned against buying fake drugs from drug peddlers and other dubious sources.

Drug abuse is the wrongful and excessive intake of drugs or other chemicals leading to effects that are detrimental to the individuals.

Cultism can be defined as a ritual practice by a group of people whose membership, policy, initiation and mode of operations are done in secret and kept secret having negative effects on both members and non-members. There is no single Nigeria institution of higher learning that has not experienced this menace of cultism. Even both Primary Secondary Schools are not free from it.


  1. Poverty
  2. Unemployment
  3. Family neglect
  4. Low self-esteem, alcohol and drug abuse
  5. Influence of bad group
  6. Problems of industrialization and urbanization
  7. External influence
  8. Bad value system
  9. Culture of impurity
  10. There is also proliferation of arms and ammunitions
  11. Inequality between the rich and poor is also responsible for the increase in crime rate country.


  1. Lack of employment may lead to crime in the society
  2. Crime has adverse effect on economic development
  3. Crime can lead to drop out from the school
  4. Insecurity in the country
  5. Political instability
  6. State of fear, panic and tension
  7. It may drive away foreign investors
  8. Psychological effect.


  1. Job opportunity.
  2. Agricultural development.
  3. Investment in rural communities.
  4. Government must partner with the private sectors to promote internships, graduate trainee programmes and community-based projects.
  5. Need for international co-operation among security agencies.
  6. Need for international co-operation.
  7. Poverty alleviation programme.
  8. Need for orientation.


Drug Abuse is the wrongful and excessive intake of drugs or other chemicals leading to effects that are detrimental to the individual’s physical and mental health.


  1. What is Crime?
  2. Define the terms rape and murder.
  3. Mention five causes of crime.
  4. State four effects of crime on the society.


  1. _____________ ca be defined as a ritual practice by a group of people
  2. Teenage pregnancy    B. Social issue   C. Cultism   D. Sexual act
  3. _______________ is the wrongful and excessive intake of drugs
  4. Welfare of others        B. Child Abuse  C. Drug Abuse   D. Food Abuse
  5. Crime can be prevented through ________________
  6. Praying       B. Singing    C. Agricultural development   D. Embezzlement
  7. ______________ is not a solution to crime
  8. Employment   B.  Poverty   C. Bad value system   D. Murder
  9. Nations with a high incidence of fraud include ___________ and ________________
  10. Ghana & Lagos    B. Togo & France  C. Nigeria & USA   D. Turkey and serial Leone 


  1. List four country that records the highest incidence of fraud.

List and explain solution of crime

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