Exam Lessons French Language French Language JSSCE

Conjugaison an passé compose

Parler                                                                                                                                    Chanter

J’ai parle                                                                                                                              J’ai chante

Tu as parle                                                                                                                          Tu as chante

Il a parle                                                                                                                               Il a chante

Elle a parle                                                                                                                          Elle a chante

Nous avons parle                                                                                                              Nous avons chante

Vous avez parle                                                                                                 Vous avez chante

Ils ont parle                                                                                                                        Ils ont chante

Elles ont parle                                                                                                    Elles ont chante


LIRE        –>          To read                                                                                 DIRE       –>          To say

J’ai Lu                                                                                                                                    J’ai dit

Tu as Lu                                                                                                                                Tu as dit

Il a lu                                                                                                                                     Il a dit

Elle a lu                                                                                                                 Elle a dit

Nous avons lu                                                                                                    Nous avons dit

Vous avez lu                                                                                                                       Vous avez dit

Ils ont lu                                                                                                                               Ils ont dit

Elles ont lu                                                                                                                          Elles ont dit




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