Cultural and Creative Arts Notes

Dance and Types of Dance


  • Definition of dance.
  • Types of dance.


Dance is the rhythmical movement of the body in time and space to the beat of the music. Dance is the process of moving or shaking the body from side to side stylishly and rhythmically. Dance is also the art of body motion. Dancers and choreographers perform various dance movements which are pleasant to behold.


  1. DRAMATIC DANCE: This type of dance sets the programme for the actors to perform  the dance as part of drama, offering several approaches which make it appealing. This type of drama is interspersed with dance movements coupled with dramatic actions simultaneously.
    1. COMIC DANCE: This type of dance involves dancers depicting funny dance movements for entertainment. Comic dance is characterized with funny dance steps which is performed among the Philippines like ButiButi and Badjao.
    1. PURE DANCE: This type of dance refers to dance movements  that make up a piece of work containing no plot, often the dance movements that suggest a particular subject or mood. A pure dance does not possess a combination of other forms of dance which make it unique.
    1. DANCE DRAMA: Dance drama is drama performed through a variety of dance movements, frequently with dialogue. Dance drama is a drama in which all the action is expressed by dancing. 


  1. DefineDance.
  2. Explain two types of Dance.


  1. TAP DANCE: This type of dance performed by dancers wearing shoes fitted with metal taps, characterized by rhythmic tapping of the toes and heels.
  2. TANGO DANCE: Tango dance is performed by a man and a woman, expressing an element of romance in their synchronized movements. It entails creativity on the part of the dancers to perform this type of dance effectively.
  3. BALLET: This is a form of choreography which is a classical dance form or art form created by the movement of the human body. It is theatrically performed on the stage to an audience utilizing costumes, scenic design and lighting. It can tell a story or express a thought or emotion.
  4. JAZZ DANCE: Jazz dance developed alongside jazz music in New Orleans. Jazz dance is a dance form or dance that is matched to the rhythms and techniques of jazz music, developed by American blacks in the early part of the 20th century. Jazz dance the dance style that involves bold and rigorous steps and movements stylishly.


  1. What is tango dance?
  2. What is worn by tap dancers to perform then tap dance?


  1. Mention two cultural dances in Nigeria.
  2. Identify the three sub-components of performing art.
  3. What material is used for tracing?
  4. Define motif.
  5. Define abstract art.


Cultural and Creative Art(New Edition) by Peter Akinyemi. (BOOK 1)


Pages 98-100


  1. ………means telling a story with movements.(a) Dance (b) Drama (c) Singing  (d) storytelling
  2. The drama conveyed by dance movements sometimes accompanied with dialogue is ………………(a) dance drama  (b) tap dance (c) ballet (d) tango dance
  3. Butibuti and Badjao are various comic dances performed  among the ………(a) Romans  (b) Greeks  (c) Philippines (d) Spartans
  4. A form of dance that involves dancers performing funny dance movements for entertainment is called……. (a) tap dance  (b) comic dance  (c) pure dance  (d) None of

the above

  • A form of dance that involves dancers tapping the floor with purpose built metal heeled shoes and equally dance to the rhythm is called ……….(a) tap dance  (b) ballet  (c) tango dance  (d) comic dance


  1. What is jazz dance?

State the form of music that jazz dance is quite relevant. 

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