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Indices and Laws of Indices

Definition of Integer

An integer is any positive or negative whole number


Simplify the following

(+8) + (+3)     (ii) (+9) –  (+4)


(+8) + (+3) = +11                  (ii) (+9) – (+4) = 9-4 = +5 or 5


Simplify the following

(+12) –(+7)                 (ii) 7-(-3)-(-2)


The plural of index is indices

10 x 10 x 10= 103 in index form, where 3 is the index or power of 10. P5=p x pxpxpxp. 5 is the power or index of p in the expression P5.

Laws of Indices

Learn the Laws of Indices | Math methods, Learning mathematics, Studying  math


New General Mathematics, UBE Edition, chapter 2 Pages 24-26

Essential Mathematics by A J S Oluwasanmi, Chapter 3 pages 27-29

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