Exam Lessons Mathematics

JSS2 first term Mathematics scheme of work


SUBJECT:  MATHEMATICS                                                                           CLASS:  JSS 2



WEEK            TOPIC

  1. Basic Operation of Integers
  2. Whole Numbers and Decimal Numbers, Multiples and Factors
  3. LCM & HCF and Perfect Squares
  4. Fractions as Ratios, Decimals and Percentages
  5. Household Arithmetic Relating to Profit, Interest, Discount and Commission
  6. Approximation of Numbers Rounding off to Decimal Places, Significant Figures
  7. Multiplication and Division of Directed and Non Directed Numbers
  8. Algebraic Expressions
  9. Algebraic Fractions (Addition and Subtraction)
  10. Simple Algebraic Equations
  11. Revision of First Term Lessons
  12. Examination

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