Notes Physical and Health Education

Meaning and Components Of Physical Fitness

Content:  (a)  Meaning of physical fitness

                   (b)  Components of physical fitness.

                   (c)  Characteristics of physically fit person.

                   (d)  Importance of physical fitness.

                   (e)  Health related component.

                   (f)  Performance related components.


Physical fitness is the ability of an individual to  perform his daily work well without feeling too tired and still have reserve energy.

The definition of health by the World Health Organization (WHO) which states that, Health is a state of complete physical and mental, and social well being and not the mere absence of diseases and infirmity.

A person is said to be totally fit when he possesses certain attributes.  He is said to be totally fit.

  If he physically has organic vigour, organic base is active, is skilled in some physical activities  and enjoy a sense of well-being.

If he socially respects the rights of others

If he mentally has a healthy outlook of life has good sense of judgment,

 if he emotionally has stability and self control and faces reality in an honest manner.


The components of physical fitness are:

  • Health related component
  • Skills or performance related components

The health related components are:

Muscular strength

Muscular endurance

Cardio vascular respiratory endurance


The Performance related components include

  • Coordination
  • Muscular power
  • Speed 
  • Agility
  • Accuracy
  • Balance
  • Body composiution

Flexibility and power are essential for health and very important for skills performance                                     


1.            Physically has organic vigour organic base, is active, is skilled in some physical activities and enjoys a sense of well-being

2.            Socially he understands and respect the right of others likes people, practices service above self and makes satisfactory group adjustment

3.            Mentally has a healthy outlook of life, has good sense of judgment think independently and constructively and resourceful

4.            Emotionally he has stability and self control and faces reality in an honest manner

IMPORTANCE OF PHYSICAL FITNESS                                       

  • Physical fitness promotes sense of well-being
  • It improves stamina
  • It prevents both major and minor illnesses
  • The speed of recovery from illness is enhanced


1.            Mention two importance of physical fitness

2.            List five components of physical fitness


Write two factors that contribute to physical fitness