Notes Social Studies

Meaning, Types and Significance of socialization

CONTENT:  1. Meaning of socialization.

2.Types of socialization

3.Significance of socialization

Sub-Topic 1 &2: Meaning and Types of Socialization

Socialization is the process by which individuals acquires the languages, belief, values and technical skills of his society. Socialization is a life-long process from which we are always learning. The process of learning the culture of a community is called socialization.

Types of Socialization:

There are two types of socialization, they are:

  1. Primary socialization
  2. Secondary socialization

Primary Socialization: This is when the child is born and helpless. Most of what he learns are through the efforts of older persons.

Secondary Socialization: This is the time a person is old enough to learn by himself. He learns new roles, new skills and new ways.

Sub-topic 3:The Significance of Socialization:

  1. Socialization prepares the new member to fit into his community.
  2. It makes the new member know, understand and participate in the culture of his community.
  3. It enables desirable values to be passed from one generation to another.
  4. It promotes peaceful co-existence and social inter-action among people.
  5. It prepares and teaches the people their roles in the community.


  1. Define socialization.
  2. Mention and explain two types of socialization.
  3. What are the significance of socialization?