Role of the Sun in Energy Production

The sun is a spherical central body of the solar system that radiates light and heat. It has a diameter of 1,384,000km and lies at an average distance of 148,800,000 km from the earth. It is liquid internally and gaseous outwards. The sun produces an enormous output of energy through nuclear fusion. The temperature of the sun is estimated to be about 6000k.

The Importance of Solar Energy

  1. Plants need energy from the sun for photosynthesis
  2. Direct heating warms our body, early morning sun is a source of vitamin D.
  3. It can be used to dry our cloth, food items, preservation of food.
  4. It can be used to generate electricity as in solar panel.
  5. It can be used to heat water as in solar water heater.
  6. it can be used for cooking as in solar furnace

Solar Cell

This is a device used for the purpose of producing electric power. It consists of semi-conductor like silicon, copper, copper (1) oxide. It converts solar energy to electricity by the use of photo voltaic effect.

File:Silicon solar cell.gif

Solar Panel

The essence of solar panel is to trap sunlight to generate electricity. It consists of millions of solar cells joined together to generate electricity of high voltage.


  1. State at least five uses of solar energy?
  2. Mention materials used in the construction of a solar panel and state the reasons why those materials are being used.

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