Civic Education Notes

Self Reliance and Attributes


This is an act of being financially and economically independent by harnessing one’s talents and skills to earn income.  To a nation, self reliance could mean harnessing and utilizing the internal resources of the nation to achieve sustainable development rather than depending solely on other countries.

A self-reliant citizen is not a burden to the government; rather, he is a problem solver.  Instead of looking for job, he reduces the level of unemployment by providing jobs for others.


1.         Diligence – Self reliance requires and involves diligence. It takes hard work to be financially independent because you can eat only what you work for.

2.         Use of Talents and skills – Self reliance entails using what you have to get what you need.  You must know what your talents and skills are then think of how they can be harnessed profitably.

3.         Use of Initiative – Self reliance involves the ability to think of what an individual can do for himself to be financially independent. When people use their initiatives, they can stand on their own and will not depend on others for employment.


1.What is self-reliance?

2. Mention three attributes of self-reliance


1.         Reduction in the Level of Unemployment – When individuals in the society set up their personal businesses, the rate of unemployment will be reduced.  They also employ people.

2.         Increase in standard of living – A self-reliant individual can easily earn good income to take care of himself and his family.

3.         Reduction in social vices – Through self-reliance, a person will be too busy to have time for prostitution, cultism, hooliganism, armed robbery and other vices.

4.         Increase in government revenue – The revenue of the government is increased through the tax paid on profit made by businessmen and the salaries of their employees


1.          What is self-reliance?

2.         List two attributes of self-reliance.

3.          State three benefits of self-reliance.


Fundamentals of Civic Education for Basic 7 (JSS 1) Sola Akinyemipgs 32-34


1.         _____ is the act of being financially independent.

            A.  Self-indulgence                 B.  Self-control   C.  Self-reliant           D. Moderation

2.         By employing people, a business man is making sure that _____ decreases.

            A. employment                       B. labour                     C. unemployment        D. wealth

3.         To be self reliant is most beneficial to _______.

            A. individual                           B. state                                    C. nation                     D. family

4.         These are attributes of a self-reliant person except _____

            A. diligence                             B. non-challance         C. use of initiative       D. use of skills

5.         Self-reliance of people enables the government to get _____ from people.

            A. policies                               B. tax                          C. industries


1.        Mention two benefits of self-reliance.

2.         Explain three attributes of self-reliance.

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