Agricultural Science JSSCE Notes

Uses Of Farm Animals

CONTENT:  (1) Definition of farm animals and the example

                     (2)  Uses of farm animals.

Sub-Topic1: Definition of Farm Animals and examples.

Farm animals are basically animals that can be domesticated and used by man. Examples include: cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, rabbit,  fish, snail,

Farm animals are reared for the following purposes. They are reared for food, work, clothing, security/protection, sport and recreation, fertilizer, medicine, raw materials and livestock feed. Let us explain each of the usage briefly.

FOOD: Many food products are derived from farm animals. We get products like meat, milk, eggs, wool/hair from farm animals. Also animals by-products like feathers, bones, blood, droppings/dung, fat/oil are derived from farm animals. Food products and by-products from farm animals are very useful to man and industries.

WORK: Bigger farm animals can be used to work in the farm.  Bullocks can be used to draw working machinery like plough, harrows, ridger while cultivating the soil. Donkey, camels are used to carry farm loads, while horse is used for transportation.

CLOTHING: Animals products such as wool, skin and furs are used for clothing. Skins and fibres  from cattle, sheep and used for clothing and leather materials. The can be used for foot wear, bags and drum. Feathers of poultry are used in the production of pillows and mattresses.

                                    Period 2

Security and Protection: Some farm animals e.g dogs and parrots are used for protection. The dogs assist the guards while protecting the house. Their barking alert the occupants of a house about strange person entering the house. The parrots also make some sounds to give information to the keeper in a house. The noise these animals make disturb the intruders into a house.

Sport and Recreation: Farm animals like horse and chicken (fowl) are used for sporting activities. Horse is used for games like horse rating and polo game. In Mexico and Philipines, chicken are used for popular sport, like chicken fights.

Fertilizer: Animal droppings from poultry, goats, sheep, rabbit and cow dung are good source of organic manure (fertilizer) which are used to enrich the nutrient of the soil. That is what is referred to as farm yard manure.

Medicine: Medicines are manufactured from substances taken from the body of some farm animals. Thyroid glands, hormones (insulin) taken from the body of sheep and cattle can be used to cure diabetes. For example, insulin is used to cure diabetes. Vaccine is obtain from egg white (albumen) which is used by the doctor to treat people.

Raw materials: Some animals products and by-products are used by the agro-allied industries. Animals bones, hooves, are used for adhesives. Fats are use candles, soap and points.

Livestock feed: The blood and used farm animals that have be slaughtered can be used as feed ingredients e.g. bone meals and blood meal.


(A) Name 8 farm animals.

(B) Name 2 products we get from each animals below (1)cattle (b) pigs (c) poultry (iv) fish

(C) Mention 4 uses of farm animals.

(D) Mention 2 animals that can be used for security.


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2 Anthony Youdeowei (2008) Junior Secondary Agriculture For Nigerian Schools  1.  West African Book Publishers Limited. Lagos Nigeria.

Weekend Assignment:


(1)Farm animals are those animals that can be …………… by man.(a) fed (b)friendly (c)domesticated (d) eaten.

(2) Which of the following is not a farm animal (a) dog (b) turkey (c )ram(d) antelope.

(3) Which of these farm animals provides wool and fur(a)fowl and rabbit (b)Sheep and rabbit (c) goat and sheep (d) cows and pig.

(4) Milk can be obtained from ……….and………….. animal (a) sheep and dog (b) cow and fpwl (c) rabbit and goat (d) goat and cow.

(5)Which of these animals CANNOT be used for sport.(a)horse (b)chicken(c)cock(d)bull


1.   Name 6 farm animals and products each of the animals.

2.   Name the animals that the following products are derived  a. fat, b. skin, c. mutton d. beef 

e. dung f. feathers  g. pork  h. eggs  i. scales.  j. milk  k.  droppings.  L. horns.

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