Sources of Energy and uses, Classification: Renewable and non renewable

The following are the sources of energy:

Florida Power & Light - Energy Sources
  1. Energy from the sun (solar energy)
  2. Wood (fire wood)
  3. Coal
  4. Electricity
  5. Fossil fuels
  6. Chemicals as in cells and batteries.

Sources of energy can be classified into:

  1. Renewable sources of energy:These sources are not usually depleted as a result of usage. e.g, solar energy, tidal waves, wind, waterfalls and dams.
  2. Non renewable sources of energy:These sources are usually reduced as they are being used. E.g, fossil fuels-coal, oil, natural gas and wood.

Introduction to Renewable Energy:

Uses of Energy

  1. Solar energy is a universal source of light to planet earth. The plants also use it to manufacture their own food through photosynthesis.
  2. Fire wood gives heat for cooking our food.
  3. Energy from coal is used to boil water, then, produce steam used in steam engines.
  4. Energy from waterfalls is used in hydro-electric power stations like kanji dam to produce electricity.
  5. Natural gas, petroleum, diesel oil, etc are all derived from fossil fuels.
  6. Chemical energy from cells and batteries are used to power our electronics and phones.


  1. State five source of energy discussed.
  2. What fuel can we derive from fossil fuels?
  3. State three uses of energy.

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